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  • 23/06/2008- Activage
    This website is part of the ESF project AGEPROOF of Start People. This project was realised with the support of ESF Flanders. Within the project they try to raise the employability of women 45+ and they want to raise awareness in organisations.
  • 24/06/2008- Active ageing (European Foundation)
    The Foundations' research addresses the different aspects of an ageing workforce in its research and provides individuals, companies and policymakers with relevant information, examples of good practice and strategies for change in the workplace.
  • 24/06/2008- Active Aging - infosite voor werkgevers en professionals
    This independant site offers 'first aid' with the development and implementation of an age aware personnel policy. Target groups are employers and suporting professionals, as well inside as outside the organisation. The site is constructed as a 'digital handbook for practice'.
  • 24/06/2008- AGE - European older people's platform
    AGE, the European Older People’s Platform, aims to voice and promote the interests of older people in the European Union and to raise awareness of the issues that concern them most. AGE is involved in a range of policy and information activities to put older people’s issues on the EU agenda and to support networking among older people’s groups. The site also provides a lot of relevant links.
  • 31/05/2009- Age and Employment Network
    The Age and Employment Network - Experts in Age and employment


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