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  • 29/05/2008-
    Website of the Expertise Centre for Age & Work ('Expertisecentrum Leeftijd & Werk', 'eL&W') of Flemish Ministry of Work and Social Economy ('Vlaams Ministerie voor Werk en Sociale Economie'). Only available in Dutch.
  • 24/06/2008- Mature Project
    mature@eu- Supporting Employers Recruiting and Selecting Mature Aged Persons aims to enable employers or personnel recruiters to introduce age-diverse recruitment policies and practices. Mature@eu- Supporting Employers Recruiting and Selecting Mature Aged Persons is directly concerned with providing an integrated support package to Business Leaders, Equal Opportunities Representatives, HRM, Trade Union Officers and Workers' Representatives based on open source e-learning environment and a toolbox of collection of innovative training materials. The ICT sector serves as pilot sector for content development and testing.
  • 24/06/2008- Ouderen en Arbeid
    "workdesire in SME's" ('wergoesting in KMO's'), "silver instruments and processen" ('zilveren instrumenten en processen') and "diversity on rails" ('diversiteit op de rails') are three projects that are supported by the European Social Fund Flanders. In the first two projects organisations got help to develop and realise a healthy age aware personnel and organisational policy. This is necessary to face the challenges of an ageing and dejuvenating population. Within the third project "diversity on rails" transferable methods were developed within the domain of diversity.
  • 24/06/2008- Ouderen en Arbeid Archief
    This site is the archive of the former Taskforce Ouderen en Arbeid ('elderly and employment'). This taskforce was established in 2001 to give advice to the government on working longer in the Netherlands. In 2003 the taskforce was ended. On this site you can find all projects they created with regard to ageing workers. Some articles/documents are available in English.
  • 05/08/2008- Project CAPA
    Het project Capa streeft een dubbel doel na: enerzijds het in kaart brengen via een enquĂȘte van stereotypen, verbonden aan de leeftijd en het identificeren van hun effecten op de professionele beslissingen van de werknemers en anderzijds, aan de hand van de bestaande wetenschappelijke literatuur deze vooroordelen nuanceren, bevestigen, ontkrachten en bestrijden.


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