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  • 24/10/2008- HR-professionals op zoek naar geschikt beleid
    publication of the results of needs analysis done within the ageingatwork roject in Belgian HR magazine "HR Square"
  • 02/09/2008- Irish Equality Authority Annual Report 2007
    There was positive recognition of the work of the Equality Authority at European Union level during 2007. The Equality Authority was afforded a high profile by the European Commission at the High Level Equality Summit of the EU in Berlin and at the closing event for the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All in Lisbon. The Equality Authority was selected as one of the case studies by the European Commission in their review of the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All. The Equality Authority was written up as an example of good practice in a research study commissioned by the European Commission on the issue of multiple discrimination. This recognition comes at a time of significant challenge and change for the Equality Authority as a new economic context for our work emerges and as we manage the decentralisation of the Equality Authority.
  • 06/08/2008- Antwoord op de stereotypen betreffende de oudere werknemer
    Prejudices like physical problems, a lack of resilience against stress or the decrease of autonomy at work we find difficult to bear. But are these presumptions correct? And what is their impact on an employee who decides to leave the labour market early?
  • 05/08/2008- CAPA Evolutie van de fysieke en fysiologische capaciteiten in functie met de leeftijd
    Bibliographical database containing twohundred references in regard to ageing at work. The database was devloped within the project CAPA of the with support of the ESF and the Belgian government FOD Werkgelegenheid, arbeid en sociaal overleg.
  • 24/06/2008- Working conditions of an ageing workforce
    The report highlights four factors which are key to shaping the age structure of Europe’s workforce: ensuring career and employment security; maintaining and promoting the health and well-being of workers; developing skills and competencies; and reconciling working and non-working life.


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