Employment in Europe - Report

The employment in Europe report provides an overview of the employment situation in the EU, and focuses on a number of topics that are high on the EU's employment policy agenda. The themes of the 2007 edition are a life-cycle approach to work, flexicurity and the evolution of labour income share (i.e. the part of value added that is allocated to labour). Chapter 2 of this year's report is entitled 'active ageing and labour market trends for older workers'. This provides the most comprehensive and up to date analysis of a range of factors affecting the employment of older workers, including the issue of disability. The report addresses the broad policy debate on flexicurity, which resulted in a Commission Communication on Common Principles of Flexicurity.
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    • Sylvie De Meyer
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    • Governatori, M., Grzegorzewska, M., Hassan, E., Maier, C., Medeiros, J., Meyermans, E., Minty, P.
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    • EN.
  • Publisher
    • Luxemburg: office of official publications of the European communities, 2007
  • Source
    • European Commission - Employment & social affairs
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