Working life changes and training for older workers. Research report.

In-depth case studies were carried out in all three countries involving a range of learning interventions. Results showed that age was not related to how stimulating workplaces were experienced as learning environments, nor to the subjective assessment of learning attitudes, skills, or motivation, except for memory and speed of learning. Stronger variation was found between sectors and companies. The job competence of older workers was generally highly valued although it was not systematically monitored or recorded. Changes in working life and in the organisation of the workplace tended to reduce opportunities for learning for all age groups. Overall, responding to the new learning imperative in working life and utilising the diversity of the workforce presents a challenge to the competence of management especially in older occupations and companies. One way forward would be to strenghten investment and effort in developing more local learning networks and to assist SMEs byproviding a range of resources to enhance learning, training and development in them.


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