Work Ability Index (WAI)

The tool involves a questionnaire, which serves to conduct a self-assessment. The focus is on the employees and their work ability assessed by themselves. Proceeding from the assessments of the employees, an examination is made as to whether restrictions on their work ability are immminent in the future and what need for action there is in order to promote the health of those serveyed over their working lives. The employees themselves can complete the questionnaire. However, the questions can also be answered with the help of others, for example works physicians during the works medical examination. The WAI can be used for individual employees and groups of workers. However, it can also be applied as an analysis tool to the whole company or the whole workforce of a company. It offers the possibility of comparing individual departments or company sections as well as individual groups of employees and age groups according to their WAI values. In this way it becomes apparent for which employees or groups of workers occupational medicine care is necessary.
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    • Sylvie De Meyer
  • Author(s)
    • Tuomi, K., Ilmarinen, J., Jahkola, A., Katajarinne, L., Tulkki, A.
  • Language(s)
    • EN.
  • Source
    • Morschhäuser, M., & Sochert, R. Healthy work in an ageing Europe. Strategies and instruments for prolonging working life. Europe
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