Workshop guideline 'quality of work - healthy into retirement'

It consists of written instructions and a related set of charts. Participants may be both skilled workers and executives as well as older workers. The workshop is divided into four blocks each of which pursues different sub-objectives: Block A - sensitisation: the demographic change and its consequences in the company; Block B - reflection-work and ageing: what does that mean in my area of work?; Block C - orientation: inhouse fields of action; Block D - development-ideas for workshop: steps into practice
  • Created by
    • Sylvie De Meyer
  • Author(s)
    • Spieker, H., Morschhäuser, M., Hielscher, V. (2004)
  • Language(s)
    • DE, EN.
  • Publisher
    • IG Metall Vorstand
  • Source
    • Morschhäuser, M., & Sochert,R. (2006). Healthy work in an ageing Europe. Strategies and instruments for prolonging working life.
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