Healthy workers in healthy organisations. A guide for implementing WHP.

Step 1 - Preparing - we have decided to start workplace health promotion activities in our workplace: how we build up collaboration? how de we disseminate information about activities in our organisation? Step 2 - Planning - we have our group and have informed everyone about the activities: how do we set the targets of the activities? what functions do well in our workplace and what could we improve? Step 3 - Realisation - we have mapped the needs for health promotion, made a plan for development and informed everyone of the planned activities: how di we realise our plans? who will be responsible for the actions? who will participate? what is the target of the actions? Step 4 - Follow-up and evaluation - the process is ongoing and in part some of the targets have been achieved: how to follow-up and evaluate the process? have we achieved the targets we desired? how to ensure a continuous progress?
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    • Sylvie De Meyer
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    • Masanotti, G.
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    • EN, IT.
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    • ENWHP Toolbox. A European collection of methods and practices for promoting health at the workplace.
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