Integral Health Management (Integraal gezondheidsmanagement)

Companies are increasingly opting to invest in the health and deployability of their employees. While employee health used to be a personal issue, it is being seen more and more as an issue that also affects companies. Integral Health Management (IHM) helps employers to manage the effects of business on health and vice versa so that the health of both employees and the company can be fostered. Free of charge, since IHM ensures that such an investment in health policy is quickly repaid, even makig profit. In every aspect. A comprehensive approach results in a more efficient and effective policy. The systematic approach taken by TNO enables organisations to gain in a handle on concepts like socially responsible business and good employership as well as justify the value of health to an organisation, its employees and its management.
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    • Sylvie De Meyer
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    • TNO & NIGZ (Zwetsloot, G., Grundemann, R., van Scheppingen, A., Piek, P., Nyens, M., Van Dijk, M., Vaandrager, L., Raaijmakers, T.
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    • NL.
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    • TNO
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