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  • 23/06/2008- Transition from work into retirement. Statistical information and elaborations
    All relevant statistical data an older population and their status in Poland is included. Data as well as conclusions are available in Polish and English.
  • 23/06/2008- Breaking the myth: Health and employability of older workers / De mythe doorbroken: gezondheid en inzetbaarheid oudere werknemers
    This book addresses images and facts onolder workers, their physical and mental health and related shortcomings. It also addresses which interventions can be used to prevent incorrect assumptions with regard to the health and employability of older workers and the subsequent means to further improve their health and employability. The publication involves theory and research results which point out that the image and the facts on older workers do not correspond with each other.
  • 13/06/2008- Ageing, adult development and work motivation
    This document describes a framework for understanding how age-related changes in adult development affect work motivation, and building on recent life-span theories and research on cognitive abilities, personality, affect, vocational interests, values, and self-concept, identify four intra-individual change trajectories (loss, gain, reorganisation and exchange).
  • 13/06/2008- Designing and managing healthy work for older workers
    This paper focuses on the relationship between age and work performance, between age and work-related health and between age and work-related stress.
  • 13/06/2008- Working life changes and training for older workers. Research report.
    WORKTOW was a multidisciplinary action research project carried out in 27 SME's in industry, service and office-work sectors in the UK, Finland and Norway. The aims were to investigate how to recognise, value and utilise job competence, aspects of learning at work, HRD practices involving older workers and the facilitation of lifelong learning, and how the diversity of the workforce can facilitate the development of learning organisations.


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