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The ageing of societies has major implications worldwide. Today in Europe, the ageing workforce is clearly evident and this emphasises the need for appropriate age management structures and interventions. There is increasing need to maintain and promote employee health and to encourage motivation, competence and productivity in the workplace. Often, Human Resource Management is directed at the employability of workers, with a focus on their skills and knowledge. Health, wellbeing and lifestyle behaviour tend to receive less attention from HR professionals. AGEING AT WORK addresses this problem and promotes the integration of age-related physical, psychological and social health issues into a strategic HRM perspective.


AGEING AT WORK was developed through collaboration with six European expert institutions, with the aim to transfer expertise and knowledge in age and health management. The project has been funded by the Leonardo da Vinci programme of the European Commission, and has lead to the development, testing and promotion of a training concept for HR professionals. The concept is built around the approach of Integrated Work, Health and Age Management (I-WHAM). All employees, but in particular older workers, will benefit from this I-WHAM approach, as workers will be able to prolong their career and improve the overall quality of their working life.


AGEING AT WORK offers tailored training courses targeted at HR professionals and occupational health professionals from all business enterprises (all sectors, public or private). An AGEING AT WORK training course consists of a well-balanced mix between theory and practice: participants will be equipped with practical knowledge and tools, and will be guided through the implementation steps to launch a process in their own organisation. Specific homework assignments - supported by an e-learning platform - stimulate trainees between the sessions to apply and test the knowledge which they have acquired. Participants will be able to design a business case, through which they could initiate a real-life, small-scale intervention.

The AGEING AT WORK service offer:

  •  Introductory courses on integrated work, health and age management – short courses introducing the topic; why is age management important, what are the benefits, the elements of integrated work, health and age management
  •  Tailored training on integrated work, health and age management – training needs analysis; flexible training content; systematic knowledge evaluation
  •  Comprehensive training package – 6 day training course including face to face and e-learning elements; practical assignments applying acquired knowledge and skills; assessment of knowledge and skills
  •  An experienced multinational team – trainers from leading institutes in 4 countries; training available in Dutch, English and Polish; ongoing support provided
  •  Training on demand – training available to suit your schedules.


From participants in the AGEING AT WORK training:

“Thanks to the clear structure and stepwise approach of the training, I was able to put the age issue on the management’s agenda.”
“The training has helped me to actually introduce some small but effective changes in our company; I think we’ve taken the first steps in a good direction.”
“The possibility to exchange information and experiences with other trainees was very interesting and helpful.”
“The homework assignments gave me the opportunity to really apply some age- and health-specific tools in my organisational environment.”
“The e-learning platform on the website provided a nice overview of the course modules and the structure of the training course.”


If you are interested in the AGEING AT WORK services, don’t hesitate to send a mail to: or

Download the AgeingatWork Brochure [EN]

Download the AgeingatWork Brochure [PL]

Download the AgeingatWork Training Services Flyer [EN]

Download the AgeinatWork Service Flyer [EN]

Download the AgeinatWork Service Flyer [PL]




  • Verslag studienamiddag 'Leeftijd en gezondheid op het werk' (BelgiĆ« - Leuven)
    Samen met de huidige economische recessie vormt de vergrijzing en ontgroening van de bevolking een van de grootste uitdagingen voor onze samenleving en arbeidswereld. Zo bereikt bijvoorbeeld een grote groep oudere werknemers de komende jaren haar pensioengerechtigde leeftijd. Wanneer deze babyboomers de arbeidsmarkt verlaten, vloeit er niet alleen veel kennis en ervaring weg; hun plaatsen zullen in vele gevallen erg moeizaam worden ingevuld - zeker op het moment dat de economie weer zal aanzwengelen. Er dreigt met andere woorden een nijpend tekort aan geschikte arbeidskrachten. Arbeidsorganisaties zullen niet alleen meer op zoek moeten gaan naar oudere en ervaren mensen, ze zullen ook verdere inspanningen moeten leveren om een degelijk en stimulerend leeftijdsbewust personeels- en retentiebeleid uit te bouwen.
  • Swedish Presidency puts Healthy and Dignified Ageing on EU priorities
    On 15-16 September, the Swedish Presidency organised in Stockholm a conference on Healthy and Dignified Ageing to discuss how Member States can improve the quality of life of the elderly in Europe through strengthened cooperation between health and social sectors at national and European.


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