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  • 11/06/2008- Workshop guideline 'quality of work - healthy into retirement'
    The concept of 'quality of work - healthy into retirement' represents a guideline on the oranisation of a workshop. The tool is mainly suited for large companies.
  • 11/06/2008- Work Ability Index (WAI)
    The WAI is a tool to record the work ability of employees. It aims at identifying at an early stage health risks of the employees and risks of early retirement and counteract them.
  • 11/06/2008- Healthy employees in healthy organisations - questionnaire for self-assessment
    The questionnaire was developed to help organisations record the quality of their workplace health promotion measures and continually improve them. It incorporates both scientific expertise on the effects of workplace health promotion and practical experience of a wide variety of organisations that have already been successful in implementing workplace health promotion. The questionnaire can be used in practice for an individual assessment, the parallel individual assessment, the simultaneous team assessment and a combination of internal and external assessment.
  • 10/06/2008- Age structure analysis
    An age structure shows the actual age structure of the workforce and its expected development in the future.
  • 10/06/2008- Checklist to identify any need for action in terms of the age structure
    The checklist to identify any need for action regarding the age structure focuses on the working and employment conditions in companies.


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